As some of you may know we are moving to Oregon so I'm selling off the surplus Ham gear I've collected over the last 35 years but no longer have plans for. At this point I really don't want to package this all up for our move to Oregon so I'm willing to sell this stuff at very very low prices for the virtual swap meet!

Coillins winged emblem S-line station - 32S-3 Transmitter (has nice after market cooling fan, 75S-3B Receiver, 516F-2 Power supply with speaker in the case - (the power supply has been converted to solid state), Astatic D-104 Mic (shows some wear) , cables and instruction manuals. Very clean and works well. $1,500

Collins KWM-2A restoration project. The KWM-2A is complete but not working. Includes the Waters rejection filter. The KWM-2 chassis is also complete but missing some tubes. It is also not working but has all major components. Also included are both case options - the regular desk top case and a "rack mount case. It has a 516F-2 power supply in a case but no tubes nor a speaker. There Some additional parts but I do NOT have additional crystals for other bands for the KWM-2A. $500. I will sell both systems above for $1,750

- Other ham radio equipment:
  • Kenwood TS-2000 with Kenwood PS-53 power supply, matching speaker and mic. $995 for all.
  • Kenwood TS-450-SAT. has the narrow SSB filter and a CW filter. $400
  • Kenwood TS-690 (same as 450 but with 6 meters instead of antenna tuner. The mic knob has broken off - includes the replacement parts. $250
  • Kenwood Qty two TM-241A 2 meter transceivers. $75 each or both for $100
  • Kenwood TM-441A 70 cm transceiver $90
  • Kenwood TM-261A 2 meter transceiver $90
  • Kenwood R-2000 receiver with VHF module. $90
  • Solar Battery system - a rugged 100 watt solar panel, two 205 am hr deep cycle batteries. This is the system I used for Winter Field day. Its all about 3 years old. The identical set of batteries I use at my QTH lasted over 7 years and still had some life in them when I replaced them. $190
  • HyGain 3 element 3 band beam (heavy duty model - not the Jr. version), as is, $50
  • Butternut 9 band HF vertical plus a 7 band version of the same antenna. I was going to convert to two antenna directional array. as is, $50
  • Jetstream JTV-680 antenna - 23' vertical, designed to operate without radials and has continuous coverage from 80 meters through 6 meters without a tuner. It's a clone of the Comet CHA250B. This antenna has never been used and is still in original packaging. This antenna makes an excellent "emergency" antenna. $150
  • Numerous VHF and UHF antennas with various lengths of coax.
  • Rohn SSV (special heavy duty version) self Supporting Tower. The main tower is 80' - three 20' tapered sections and one 20' straight section. Also included are two additional 20' straight sections. It is possible to additional one or both of the straight sections for a total height of 120'. This tower was a special desgined for wind turbines. It came from Tehachapi. Its "brother" can bee seen at the KFLA studios on Balsam St. $2,500

  • Other Items I really don't want to move!

  • Antique 1949 Dumont 19" TV with entertainment center (phonograph & radio that covers the "police band" and the new FM band. This sold for $995 in 1949, more than the cost of many cars of the day. $50
  • Gun safe. $100

For More information call Roy, N6JR,
at (760) 608-7783
or email:

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